• Parent-Infant Therapy (Birth to 2 years)

    This type of therapy focuses on improving the relationship and understanding between the parent and the baby.  It aims to assist with the understanding and meaning of baby's communications and emotions while simultaneously assisting the struggles of the parent/s.

    The following could present in either, or both, of the parents:

    • Post-natal depression in the mother may manifest in a variety of ways, for example, in lack of interest in her baby, excessive anxiety in caring for the baby, irritability and withdrawal from activities usually experienced as enjoyable
    • Struggling to adapt to the changed life circumstances of parenthood
    • Feelings of loss of the life-style preceding children
    • Resentment of the baby
    • Loneliness
    • Isolation

    The baby may present with:

    • Fretfulness
    • Eating difficulties
    • Poor sleep patterns
    • Separation anxiety