• Individual Therapy 

    Young Adult Therapy (18 - 22 years)

    Young adulthood is prolonged in our society as young people remain dependent on their families while studying at college and university. This dependency can cause significant conflict both within the young person and for the family. Individual therapy assists in negotiating the transitions into adulthood.

    Some common difficulties characteristic of this phase of life include:

    • relationship issues
    • peer relationships
    • sexuality
    • anxiety
    • separation anxiety
    • depression
    • vocational confusion
    • addictions


    Adult Individual Therapy

    Individual psychotherapy and "talking to someone" provides a safe place to explore emotional and practical issues of concern within a non-judgemental relationship. Personal growth and change become possible, accompanied by the alleviation of distressing symptoms.

    Some common presenting problems include:

    • anxiety
    • depression
    • irritability
    • relationship difficulties
    • divorce
    • loss
    • bereavement
    • separation 
    • occupational stress