• Individual Counselling and Therapy

    Adolescence usually corresponds with Grade 7 and the preparation for high school. It is a challenging developmental phase of life for teens, parents and teachers. It is a time of considerable physical change and there are significant demands placed on the adolescent in society. It is a time of transition with more emphasis on peer relationships. Teens are often reluctant and/or unable to speak to their parents about their anxieties, fears and challenges. Individual counselling or therapy provides a safe, non-threatening space to explore these challenges.

     Some common presenting problems include:

    • academic difficulties
    • social difficulties
    • drug use
    • engaging in risk-taking behaviour
    • truancy
    • school refusal
    • de-motivation
    • apathy
    • excessive or too little sleep
    • social media addiction
    • bullying or being bullied
    • eating disorders
    • sexuality
    • suicidal thinking and behaviour.


    Family Therapy

    Adolescents are usually reluctant to engage in sessions with their parents present but are also very concerned about what is being said about them, by both parents and professionals. Consultations with the adolescent present can be very useful in enhancing and improving family relationships.